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    We are on of the only Collection Agency in Guyana that collects Debts owed to you by Guyanese companies or persons.




Most Collection Agencies collect your money, Including Guyana Collection Agencies, then they forward it to you, minus their commissions. Guyana Debt Recovery Agency is different. We direct all payments to be made to our Clients. We then Bill our Clients monthly on a trust basis, meaning that we trust the Clients to report all payments made to them to us, so we can bill for our commissions.

There are very few if any Collection Agencies in the world that bills their clients in this manner. As there are no other Collection Agencies in Guyana, we have a very good Client Base and it is growing rapidly. Our Debt Collections Department is completely up to date with the latest Collection Tools in the Collections Industry.

If you need a collection Agency to collect your past due accounts for you, please call us, we will be glad to add you to our list of satisfied Clients. You may also email us if you need more information, our website does offer you about any information you need, but sometimes there are some questions that we may not have covered.

We also offer Private Investigation Services for those in need of surveillance of their spouses for perhaps divorce cases or just to be sure that their spouses or boyfriends are loyal to them. Just knowing the truth can put your mind at ease. Before coming to Guyana Our Private Investigators were Licensed and Trained in the United States, in all areas of Private Investigations. Our Private Detectives are skilled in all areas of investigations, including Undercover Store Detectives, Corporate Penetration, and Stake Outs.

We can undercover Corporate Fraud. If you suspect anyone in your Corporation of Embezzlement, call us. We will take your case and get the culprit before he/she steals you blind!