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    Finally... a collection agency that is there for you! Beginning with easy set up-no start-up fees or tedious paperwork and ending with a highly successful return rate, Guyana Debt Recovery Agency is the smart choice for all your collection needs. G.D.R.A. is a professional collection agency with a very experienced staff. All of our employees are hand picked and trained at how to most effectively speak with customers and trouble-shoot so that the debt situation can be quickly resolved.

Our collectors know the importance of helping customers realize the debt that he/she owes, get payment in full or how to devise ways to make payment plans. This collection process is very important. We do not want to make the customers feel like we are not on their side. Therefore, we do our best to work out a payment plan conducive to both parties. A firm but friendly approach is the best way to help customers eliminate their debt.

Because of the above methods that we use, we actually receive compliments on our approach in our collection process by both our clients as well as our debtors. We feel that it is, because of this methodology that we maintain some of the highest recovery rates in the nation.
    Guyana Debt Recovery Agency is a fully licensed collection agency.


20 years Management experience in Collections, Private Investigations and Marketing 

Our Ceo came from the United States and has been able to provide the company with his vast knowledge of Collections, and his skills in Marketing has helped G.D.R.A. to maintain an excellent Client Base, from Credit Card Collections, Utility Companies, Hire Purchase and Medical Accounts.

He  also has full knowledge of the Guidelines used in America called the FDCPA ( Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) which has helped G.D.R.A. maintain a proper attitude in the use of collection techniques that gives us an edge on our competition in the handling of our Clients accounts.

All staff members go through highly intensive training. Therefore our collectors are ready for all challenges that go into collecting your accounts.

    Personalized attention, to both you and your debtors, is what gives Guyana Debt Recovery Agency it's advantage. We know that most people want to pay their debts. We put debtors at ease, work closely with them to re-establish their good credit standing by providing the incentive they need to satisfy their debts-quickly and completely.

For this, Guyana Debt Recovery Agency uses a "tried and true" method: consistent personalized phone calls and letters. What sets G.D.R.A. apart from other agencies is the ability to take your customer by the hand and get them to realize they are responsible for this debt. Then getting it paid in full as quickly possible.

We also offer Private Investigations for Suspicious Spouses or those needing Evidence of Cheating to complete their Divorce Cases. See in Investigation Services Link.


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