What makes us unique is that all payments are paid to you by the debtor. We no longer collect accounts from Guyanese companies to collected local accounts.


IAll Overseas Based accounts will be charged a flat rate of 35% commissions on any or all amounts collected.

    We feel that the best collection rates occur when accounts are submitted when they are no more than 60-90 days past due. We also recommend that we be given as much data on customers as possible so that we may do a better job for you.

We require weekly reports on all accounts that paid that particular month and the customer's current balance after their payment. We recommend close contact with us and to call us with any new information obtained or payments made to your office so that we can make note on your customer's account.

Doing the above will not only increase our ability to collect for you, it will also lower your collection costs.

Finally, help for your lost profits!
    We request that when you submit accounts to us that you attempt to give us any or all of the following information so that we may be able to do a better job for you.

On Consumer Accounts

1. Name, address & telephone number of debtor
2. Name of current employer & work number of debtor (or past if unknown)
3. Debtor's Passport or ID Card Number
4. References, relatives and or spouse information
5. What the debtor owes, date of last charge & debtor payment & reason for

6. Any late charges, interest or collection costs added, Some companies add our collection cost to the debt. This is up to you. It will however basically make our services free if you add our fees as a charge to your customer.

On Commercial Accounts

1. Name, address and phone number of company and who to contact
2. Home address of owner if he/she is the responsible party
3. What the debtor owes, date of last charge & debtor payment & reason for

4. Any late charges, interest or collection costs added

Finally! a Collection Agency that is there for you.

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