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Standard Terms and Conditions for Guyana Process Serving and Investigations

Process Service Terms

Min fee of the issued quote is payable in Advance

 Fees quoted are based on NON URGENT and that ample time (1 week or more is available for service from the date we receive the document.)

 Please Email All Documents in PDF Format to save Courier Fees and Time. We will Send a Copy of the Proof of Service Affidavit by Email and regular post, It takes approx 2 weeks to get the original by post and we cannot Guarantee postal delivery but our Proof is scanned and sent to you in color and is acceptable by most Courts.

 You do however have the option of an 'Urgent' Service fee and/or additional fees for Courier Service.

Documents and legality of the documents is strictly the responsibility of the issuer i.e.: Solicitor, Plaintiff and/or its Collection Agent. We accept no responsibility. We do Verify that they are legal to serve in Guyana with our Attorneys, but cannot verify that they are true or that you have the right to serve them.

STRICTLY NO REFUND, once the file is issued to our office, and leaves your Jurisdiction, fees can not be refunded.

Our agent's will NOT under any circumstance knowingly break the law.

 Our agent's will NOT under any circumstance in danger him/herself to serve a document.

 If the document can not be served due to a threat of violence, or the area is to dangerous to travel in, Our Process Serving Agents will attempt to seek instructions from our office for alternative service. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all information is provided to our office, this includes but not limited to any previous acts or threats of violence, threats to the Applicant/Plaintiff.

Our Process Servers will make every effort to serve the required documentation, however we are unable to make any guarantee.

 Affidavits of attempt will be provided as required.

 Should charges exceed the quoted amount, additional fees are payable within 5 days. You will be advised by email prior to additional fees being charged.

 You will have the opportunity to approve the action or request the file to be closed, and therefore not incur any additional fees.

 By forwarding documentation to our office, you accept terms and conditions and costs.

Investigation Terms.

All Investigations that we decide to undertake including Surveillance requires a minimum of $500.00 USD Retainer paid in advance before we take any case, Unless the case would require our Agency to  incur more than average expenses to start the investigation, in which we would after a preliminary cost investigation, advise the Client that we would require a higher Retainer.

No Investigative Company can guarantee results. We are paid for our time, not for results. We do however strive to get results but this depends on the information that is available to us.

Our fees will be deducted from any Retainer paid until the retainer is exhausted, at that point we will notify you that you will be required to pay us any amount that is due if the Retainer does not cover the rest of our time.

All results of any investigation we do will be given to our Client once we receive payment in full of the agreed upon amount that we quote.

Once we receive full payment, we will send you all files acquired during  our investigation along with a report of our activities. Including Pictures and or Videos if we are doing surveillance on a subject.

Please do not ask us for the results before you pay us as this is not how we do business and we do not make exception to this rule.

Once you agree to place your investigation with us, these terms become in effect and no refund will be issued on any retainer or other fees paid to us.


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